Tips To Treat A Girl

How To Treat A Girl

Speaking Like a Gentleman

Speak with respect. When you talk to her, speak with respect. You should never rudely criticize her or say things which are demeaning. Just like it wouldn't be acceptable for

someone to say these things to you, it's not acceptable for you to say those things to her.[1] Try to think not only about how you'd feel if someone said something to you but

also think about how her own experiences might lead her to feel about what you said.

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For example, only call her a girl if she is one. Is your girl older than, say, 20 years old? At that point you should be calling her a woman or a lady. When you call her girl, you're

making her seem like a child, implying that she can't do things for herself, think, or act like the capable adult she is.

Understand her. Get to really know her for who she really is, not just what you think she is or want her to be. Ask questions about her. Dig deep. Take an inte…

How To Cure Beard Dandruff

How To Cure Beard Dandruff

Beards have become increasingly popular among men, especially hipsters. Maybe you’ve grown out a beard worthy of Paul Bunyan. However, you might find pesky dandruff

flakes in your luscious facial locks. Although it’s not known what causes beard dandruff, it is relatively easy to cure. By treating the beard and underlying skin and promoting

healthy skin, you can cure your beard dandruff.

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Treating Beard Dandruff

Wash with a medicated shampoo. Just like on your scalp, dandruff of your beard may respond well to washing with an anti-dandruff shampoo.[1] Be aware that there is different

information on using anti-dandruff shampoos and some people feel products like Selsun Blue and Head and Shoulders may be too harsh for gentle facial skin.[2]
Do a patch test on a small piece of skin that no one can see. Leave your anti-dandruff shampoo on for about 5 minutes and see if you have a reaction. If not, go ahead and use

your cho…